New map in update 2.11

In new update 2.11 we will have new map which called “Vineyard”. The feature of map is evening time of day. Unlike other maps, “Vineyard” is markedly different to its darkness, but still there are an elaborate lighting.
“Vineyard” – a map with  lowlands which can be divided into 2 parts along the river. On both sides of the river are two different cities, one calm, peaceful, and the other city after active military battles. Also on the banks of the river lie grape field.
Heavy and slow tanks fit peaceful city, where they will find a lot of buildings for which they can to hide but rapid technology – a peaceful city. In the battle “Vineyard” will get only tanks of V level and higher.
Below you can download the mini-map in full or see the screenshots.


vineyards-03 vineyards-02 vineyards-01 vineyards-topdown

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