New map in update 4.5

Dear, tankers!
From reliable sources, we know some information about the new patch under version 4.5. As the developers say in the future patch will appear Australian tanks. Which models and at what level will be is not yet known.
Secondly, in update 4.5, a new map is expected. While without a name. But with its advantages and peculiarities:

  • a large number of architectural objects behind which you can hide and fearlessly fire
  • places with lowlands and¬†mountains from the tops of which you can inflict considerable damage on the enemy
  • river, bridge – in general, all the important elements that will allow you to make a lot of strategies

In addition to the practical purpose of the map, it is still different in its appearance. Calm, pacifying, delight from the impressive landscape – that’s what emotions arise when you first look at a new map. We offer several screenshots so that you can see for yourself.


787 Image 187


  1. ese mapa es una adaptacion del mapa de pc campo oeste!!

  2. ese mapa es una adaptacion del mapa de pc campo oeste

  3. You all know in PC versions there are HUGE maps not like on World Of Tanks Android .I want developers to add those maps to Android World Of Tanks Please somehow tell them itll be A LOTS of more fun!

  4. Sadly it wasn’t added in 4.5
    Friend me EasyRegiment

  5. Sadly it wasn’t added in 4.5

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