New micro update for World of Tanks Blitz

Update 4.2 does not stop to surprise us. Just two days after the release of the official patch 4.2 players were waiting for a surprise Рthe release micro-patch. Because of the error of exit the game for many players, the patch simply did not work and the number of such applications was large, so it was decided to release a micro-patch that prevented this bug, so the patch recently came out.

But today it became known about the release of a new update. Meet the second micro patch under version This patch is designed to solve the problem with the exit after the fight, which is still preserved by many players. That is, this update must be manually downloaded only to those players who are experiencing a sortie after the battle, and which the first micro patch did not solve the problem. Download the new patch you can in the Download section.

Important: players who participated in the “Twister” season will be awarded after the release of patch 4.3, more precisely in revenge with it. This reason for the delay is explained by the fact that too many awards were received by the players and that the accrual was correct without any bugs it was decided to postpone it a little. The developers are grateful for their understanding.

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