New skill in update 4.8

You probably know that each class of technology can level up to 5 skills, all classes, except the light tanks. It is not honest, is it? But that justice would triumph the developers decided to add a new skill for light tanks. Now LT can level up to 4 skills.

The new skill has the name “Dashing the fire”. It works very simply that to activate it you need to make 3 shots in a row, but with damage and in such cases next 4 shot will get maximum damage.

Important! For the skill to activate it is important to make three shots in a row with damage, without any misses or shots in the “empty” otherwise the skill will not be activated. Changing the type of projectile is not considered as a gap between shots.

What is the maximum damage? Here it is meant if the tank is to inflict from 300 to 500 damage, then the fourth shot will be credited with 500 units. By the way, the skill also works with high explosive fragmentation projectiles.

In addition, developers report that “Dashing the fire” is not the last skill for light tanks in the future, developers are planning to launch the last 5 skill, when exactly we will tell you.

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