New tanks in update 3.9

With the release of a new patch in the game will add not only a new map but also four new light tanks from the American branch.

M24 Chaffee – level V tank

The first tank you can buy for 405,000 coins and open for 12 480 will be the M24 Chaffee. M24 will be an excellent scout and a full-fledged tank in battle, as it has a good weapon with stabilization and you can hit the target on move


T37 – VI level

The next tank in our four new tanks is T37. Externally this tank is very similar to the previous one, but with some modifications. To experience this tank you will need to accumulate 28 100 experience and 910 000 coins. T37 has excellent characteristics – a powerful engine, a good weapon, an excellent viewing radius. The only drawback that this tank has – weak armor.



M41 Walker Bulldog – tank level VII

Slightly picking coins and credits, you can get a tank of the next level. M41 Walker Bulldog – is a very promising tank among all of our four new tanks. Firstly, the tank is the fastest: 72km / h. Secondly, this tank has the fastest weapon and it has a better degree of armor (compared to the above).


T49 – VIII level

The last in our collection – T49. This tank is very similar to his partner – M41 Walker Bulldog, but maneuverability is slightly lower than in a bulldog. The armor is still not too high (however, like all the tanks of our four). The weapon in T49 is powerful and strong, with a slight damage the enemy just will not get off.


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