New winter camouflage in update 4.6

Friends! January 31st, you can already try on a new winter camouflage, but for now, let’s find out what awaits us. In update 4.6 we are waiting for 5 new camouflage at an affordable price:

  • Valley Buran

The design is very light and looks like it just fell out of the snow and covered your tank. Camouflage is very organic looking on winter maps, although suitable for everyone

степной буран-min

степной буран2-min степной буран3-min

  • Fiery Guardian

Having such a camouflage your tanks will stand out against the general background. This skin deserves the best tanks or unique, for example, as the tanks of the Chinese branch.

Огненный страж2-min Огненный страж-min Огненный страж3-min

  • St. John’s Wort

With this camouflage, your tanks will look stronger. Nothing and no one can defeat you.

Зверобой-min Зверобой2-min Зверобой3-min

  • Steel Predator

In this camouflage, you have all the colors that are most often found on maps

Стальной хищник-min Стальной хищник2-min Стальной хищник3-min

  • Legionary

This camouflage is special because it is timed to victory for the Legion team from the European clan [LGN] in the Blitz Twister Cup 2017. This camouflage changes the name of the tanks to one – “Maus Legionnaire”.

Легионер2-min Легионер-min Легионер3-min

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