New Year’s camouflage

Winter came, and it is a time New Year’s holidays. Right now, all our dear tankers are actively preparing for the holidays. We are not rested and prepared for you a mod, the festive mod, which is the best complement the atmosphere of the New Year.
There are two beautiful, festive camouflage from For Blitz Team. Mod has not only appearance feature, but it is also very practical. These camouflage fits any tank, any nation.umjptpp86mk


Unpack and send along the way android / data and confirm everything and replace!

New Year’s camouflage (200 KB)

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  1. nice camo anyway, but can I make a request? can you make transparent camo? I mean, when I use that camo its look like I’m not use it. Just like normal tank without camo but still have effect +% to vehicle concealment. I think thats a simple camo, but still I can’t modify it by my self. so that’s my request, please make it come true. thank you! 😀

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