New Year’s hangar 2017 for World of Tanks Blitz

On our site, we already laid out a similar mod, but the current version of the New Year hangar is somewhat different from the previous one. In the yard, autumn and summer heat quickly evaporates, instead, we start actively preparing for winter and winter cold, so I think this mod will be just relevant.
Today we want to offer the New Year’s hangar to the tankers. As you understand, this mod was first published on festive, New Year’s Days. The author of this masterpiece is johnny19041988.



The hangar itself is very beautiful, moderately bright and comfortable. Despite the fact its New Year’s hangar 2017, it is perfect for further use at any time.
Quiet, calm New Year’s Eve, snow around, beautiful cottage houses with a whole mountain of gifts close by, lighted lanterns, a Christmas tree and of course your tank in the middle – that’s what awaits you in this hangar.

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Install the folder by the path: \ data \ net.wargaming.wot.blitz \ files \ Data \
Add folders and a file from the Sfx folder to the cache

New Year’s hangar 2017 (20 MB)

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  1. Brak dźwięku i nieruchome ikony które podczas iventu były ruchome i dawały świąteczny klimat

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