New Year’s Hangar 2018 for WoT Blitz

Every day the festive atmosphere is approaching, and the mood is improving. Yes, because soon will be 2018. New year which we are waiting for new adventures and hope only good 🙂

Today we want to offer you a very atmospheric mod, more precisely a hangar, a New Year’s hangar. The author tried to best convey the New Year atmosphere and festive mood.


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So instead of a gloomy hangar, you will find a decorated Christmas tree, holiday salutes, cozy houses decorated with garlands, snowmen everywhere and another important attribute of the New Year – Santa Claus and Snow Maiden.
Santa Claus with a bag of gifts is not an ordinary hangar item for the World of Tanks Blitz game. Do you want to feel a holiday? Then this hangar is for you.


New Year’s Hangar 2018 (10 MB)

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