Old School Joy of Friz_Rage for WoT Blitz


Meet the already long forgotten, but very desirable joystick taken from version WoT Blitz 1.0. If you download and install this mod, you can return
Old School Joy in the current update, at the moment it



Download the archive with your graphics accelerator
Unpack it and folder “Date” copy and paste on this path: cache / files /


TegraOldJoy_by_FRIZ_RAGE (2.5 Мб)

AdrenoOldJoy_by_FRIZ_RAGE (2.5 Мб)

PowerVROldJoy_by_FRIZ_RAGE (2.5 Мб)


  1. Can you add mali version sir!

  2. Mali version ?

  3. Please update for mali

  4. My tab using intel atom cpu flatform is intel hd graphics for bay trail for renderer.
    In my case, which version of mod is suitable for my tab? tegra? or powervr?

    • Self-answer; adreno mod works simply on Intel HD Graphics Renderer that supports OpenGL ES 3.1.

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