Pack “Lamps Sixth Sense” of 6 icons

Meet pack light bulbs Sixth Sense for WoT Blitz. Just pack includes 6-ty different icons. Here are some screenshots:


Screenshot_2015-06-23-22-19-52 Screenshot_2015-06-23-22-27-02 Screenshot_2015-06-23-22-31-49 Screenshot_2015-06-23-22-37-02

Download and unzip the pack of icons.
Select the desired option icon.
Folder “gfx2” put on this path: \ data \ net.wargaming.wot.blitz \ files \ Data
This mod is intended only for the Adreno and only FullHD display.

Download: (11 MB)


  1. Where I can get this camo on IS-7 ?

  2. How can I make the sixh sense pack?

  3. Nice! It works! Hope you will make more mods for World Of Tanks Blitz

    Unzip or Extract file, then go to the files, copy the files inside the files then go here.

    >SD Card > Android > Data > net.wargaming.wot.blitz > data > Gfx2/Gfx > Paste it, also make sure you put in the picture too (Well just for something you don’t need to put it, just shows you what the sense looks like)

    • > SD Card > Android > Data > net.wargaming.wot.blitz > files > Data > Gfx2/Gfx > BattleScreenHUD > Put files in, overwrite the file that is already in there so it will work > DONE! ENJOY YOUR SIXTH SENSE

      Sorry the other one was wrong so heres the real one! ^^^^

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