Soviet Tank Tree

Tankers!. Introduce you to the Soviet (Russian) Tank Tree in the WoT Blitz.

American Tank Tree

Hello everyone. Introduce you to the American Tanks Tree in the WoT Blitz. Which American tank would you like to play the most?

Meet the first normal gameplay video – World of Tanks Blitz. In this video you will see all that you are interested in: hangar, consumables, various tanks, and most importantly – the gameplay WoTB. At […]

World of Tanks: Blitz – Trailer

Hello everyone! Today released the first official trailer for the game World of Tanks: Blitz, and this can only mean one thing – the tanks on mobile devices will be coming soon

Several new screenshots WoTB

On one of the blogs of developers has several screenshots of the game World of Tanks Blitz. Judging by the picture we are waiting for something truly legendary.

 At the international exhibition TIBO 2013 Wargaming company lifted the veil a little bit of a new game World of Tanks Blitz, which is being developed for mobile devices running IOS-based and Android. And if […]

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