Plans from developers about future updates World of Tanks Blitz

Today, the developers shared several interesting facts about the World of Tanks Blitz:

  • There was the first screenshot of the Chinese tank Type 64. Type 64 – a new lightweight premium tank of the sixth level. Characteristics of this model are not known yet, as well as time appearance in the game (we hope in the new update 4.2)


  • Many players were interested in HD quality tanks for the World of Tanks Blitz, but as the developers said this is not yet planned due to the fact that the HD format will require graphics complications, and this, in turn, will cause the client to increase on the device
  • The developers also announced plans to expand the Chinese branch of tanks, which will take place in the next updates
  • Unfortunately, the arty in the game in the near future does not have to wait


  1. Excited for this 🙂

  2. Doufám že to bude fungovat

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