[2.6] Polish Hangar

Friends present to you the new hangar Poland. Externally, it is a premium hangar which will replace the standard. In the hangar is represented symbols and colors of the Polish Republic.



Author: Koks77740


Copy the Data folder on this way:

Android / data / net.wargaming.wot.bliz / files/


hangar-Polska-Koks77740 (21 Mb)


  1. Big thanks for autor

  2. What Else Czech Republic pls?

  3. instaling :3

  4. I Maked a Mod who never think it works, this mod is legal.
    My Question is, where can I share this mod on my Name?

  5. great mod man; how much do a brazilian hangar mod please?

  6. hello. great. 8,

  7. Can there please be a mod to show where enemy tanks where last spotted, just like in normal wot?

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