Rebalancing technique in patch 3.7

In addition to the changes in the tournament system in the update 3.7, we are faced with another pleasant surprise. In release of a new patch, the parameters of some technique will change.
Tanks of low level now receive a greater degree of armor. I-III levels battle vehicles are very fast and maneuverable, but the degree of their armor is too low, so they take off from the game so quickly. Now these tanks will receive more armor, so there is every chance to play a full fight on them. The game on premium tanks will also change. Premium tanks will become more durable. In general technical characteristics of such tanks will change:
– E 25
– Burning WZ 135G FT
– T34 and T34 Independence
– Panther mit 8,8 cm L / 71
– Icy 112
– M60

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