Redesigned map in update 3.10

The current version of update now is 3.9, but in near future we are expecting a new update under version 3.10. On patch 3.10 is nothing known now, except one – an updated map “Fort of Despair.” Just recently, the Internet leaked news and photos with changes on the map.

Map “Fort of Despair” in update 3.10

Judging by the photos on the map, the following changes occurred:

  • The center of the map will change
  • New small objects will be added
  • The landscape on the map will┬áchange

In the pictures below you can learn more about the changes.

Wot Blitz - patch 3.10

photo_2017-06-07_14-08-31 photo_2017-06-07_14-08-31-2 photo_2017-06-07_14-08-32 photo_2017-06-07_14-08-32-2 photo_2017-06-07_14-08-32-3
We bring to your attention the video with the updated map. This exclusive video will visually show you all the changes on the map “Fort Despair” in update 3.10.

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