Release update 3.10 for WOT Blitz

Tankers! We are hurry to inform you about update 3.10 for WOT Blitz. It will start tomorrow, June 21st.

Innovations and changes in update 3.10

  • Possibility to purchase a new camouflage
  • If someone from the enemy team insulted you in the chat, you can complain about it. The program “Military Honor” provides for honest battles without insulting the players’ personality.
  • A new mechanism for obtaining details of equipment after the battle. Now the details will be given out for your results and achievements.
  • The Bronze Series tickets will disappear immediately after the release of Update 3.10, but players will receive decent compensation for them
  • Hints on the boot screen have been updated by the developers
  • If the player or clan took part in the tournament, the corresponding marks in the standings will be added
  • Map “Fort of Despair” will be redesigned
  • Fixed some bugs and bans.

Tomorrow morning you can download a new update for WOT Blitz 3.10. Good luck on the battlefield!

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