Release update 4.5 for World of Tanks Blitz

Friends! I’m sure many of you have already started to worry about the release new update. More than a month passed, and the information about patch 4.5 developers was not published.
But today, finally, we want to please you. From reliable sources, we learned that work on the update 4.5 is actively being conducted and release new patch take place on December 13th, on Wednesday.

What will we see interesting in patch 4.5?

  • There will be added a new city map called “Pearl City”
  • Added a new camouflage. For example, the legendary for the T-62A.
  • Approximately 20 heavy tanks will become more armored
  • Returned to the Blitz-Fair, where you will find many interesting and beneficial offers for you

A more detailed list of all innovations and additions we will offer next week. Follow the news.


  1. Tomorrow will be 13th December. How sure are u?

  2. thank

  3. How sure are u?

  4. Tommorrow is the 13th. Usually the day before, sends us news in-game about the update. Nothing yet… R U sure?

  5. That’s a load of crap then, when do you NOW think it’s going to be released? I tell you what. I’ll stop wasting time looking at your fake news site and go somewhere that knows!

  6. Yu are an idiot its 18th December

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