Release update 5.7 for World of Tanks Blitz

Tankers, rushing to report the release of a new version for mobile tanks World of Tanks Blitz 5.7. The new patch comes out on January 16th, it means, today. In this regard, below is a list of all the changes and innovations of this patch:

  • The tank FV215b (183) receives new edits in the parameters
  • Features in the first to fourth level (I-IV) will improve.
  • Avatars change. New Christmas Avatars will be replaced by brand new ones. What exactly See already in the update.
  • The collection technology will be replenished with 7 new tanks
  • Legendary camouflage became available for 5 tanks: IS-4, Grille 15, Skorpion G, Panzer 58 and T-44-100
  • Fixed a number of bugs and bugs

After some time, after the tankers upgrade, “War of the Way” will open! The award will be Type 59, legendary camouflage “Dean” and other buns.


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  1. New mod please

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