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World of Tanks Blitz — new game from Wargaming for mobile devices working at the Android and IOS.

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WoT Blitz release for IOS was held for RU, NA, Asia and EU server.

Download WoT Blitz for IOS

As for the platform Android, then the exact release date World of Tanks Blitz is already known for the EU server – this November 5, 2014.

Release World of Tanks Blitz in the world is scheduled for December 4, together with the release of patch 1.5. Read more here:

Download WoT Blitz on Android


  1. Download game

  2. Kindle fire count as android????

    • No sorry
      Kindles have a special operating system that is specific to them no one else

    • can probably hack a kindle with android tho… same as rooting a phone.

    • The kindle fire hd has been confirmed WOTB will be on the kindle fire

  3. But it might be included anyway and if not later

  4. What the hell? All these dates are far behind!! What is the real release date?

  5. Just wondering if my galax ultra will have any issues

  6. I saw on one website that they may be releasing it for ios on the 26th of june

  7. Hmmm… Hope it will be playable (not too small screen) on Galaxy S5 😀

  8. Will it work on the Galaxy S3 smartphone??

    • Should work fine on my new note screen xD

  9. Will the game work on an HTC one m8?

  10. I am tired of waiting. I just made my own tank game! LOL

  11. I want it now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Please

    I’ve bin eating sense I saw it on the t.v.

  13. I’ve been wanting sense I saw it on the t.v.

  14. I can’t figure out how to update my game on IOS? Anyone know or is it going to be released back in December??

  15. Kdyz se ne tabletu rozbalujou herni zdroje tak ,ne to napise ze mam preinstalovat klienta tak mne pomocte pls

  16. Last update made it no longer available on my galaxy s5 active and is no longer in play store.

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