Replacing Anko and Kuro to Pz.IV ausf.H and Heavy Tank No.VI in HD

Friends! Today, we offer an interesting mod – replacement Anko and Kuro German Pz.IV ausf.H and Japanese Heavy Tank No.VI. Plus tanks in HD quality. Pre-made backup will allow at any time quickly and easily return to the original.

kuro imrp8lcj3ug


the contents of the archive copy to the desired location where the stored cache / files /, accept the replacement.
Download:kuro anko
Kuro (4 MB)
Anko (5 MB)


  1. Can u make a mod that change Pz.IV to pz.IV H or Anko?

  2. Can u make a mod that change the normal Pz.IV to anko or to Pz.IV H

    • That is possible, just replace the normal Pz with the backup one in the file. Should be as simple as that.

  3. Thank you!

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  5. I’m new to mods where do you place the file and how? I’m on ipad and have Kuro want this. How I do it?

  6. Please make for ISU-152 🙂

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  8. Hello. I’m downloaded anko for wot b 4.4. And I see problems with a shassi parts. Thei tilted up and in wrong psition. Could you chek that. Wonderful mod. Just need some your touch.:)

  9. Could you fix it so it can work on 4.5? It is not working well in 2018 versions. Thank you so much!

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