Replacing standard camouflage on improved WOT Blitz 2.10

Tank with standard camouflage looks aesthetically pleasing and attractive in battle. It’s a pity you can get it for gold or battle merit. Because sometimes we do not want to spend gold for purchase of camouflage. If you want to camouflage, but without spending any effort or gold, then this mod is for you.
The mod will replace the standard camouflage on improved, but in the game only you  will see it. Price for installation of camouflage. Author of mod is johnny19041988. Mod adapted to version 2.10. AllGPU.


Fr2MwKtpXt4 mWAN08F9Ey0 D3Dth8twBIE

/storage/emulated/0/Android/data/net.wargaming.wot.blitz/files/Data/3d/Tanks/Camouflages/ agree to replace files or combining folders.


Replacing standard camouflage on improved (100 KB)


  1. I forgot to back up my camo files
    Can it be brought back?

    • U will need to either make a back up before u paste the mod or install the game a second time

  2. Thank u very much for this mod

  3. Sorry,does anyone know how to install this on android?

  4. Where can I install how

  5. Cant see where i put then?

  6. Can you do the Inferno and shattered ice Camp?

    I would really love to use it

  7. Can you do the Inferno and shattered ice Camo?
    I would really love to use it

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