Round sight + damage indicator for World of Tanks Blitz

Recently, we wrote about Ran4erep Scope with author quatr1k. Today we present another mod by the same author.
Round sight is not only easy to use but also has advantage: built-damage indicator. This indicator will give you all necessary information about the damage in battle. Plus colored markers on the level of vehicle.

For your convenience, you can download  sight and damage indicator separately.


– Download the mod
– Copy and Gfx2 Gfx folder in a place where lies the cache / files / Data /.

Download mod:

damage indicator

Round sight


  1. Hey, this might be a stupid question, but how do I do this? I have a hard time understanding the instructions

    • lol thats coz he doesnt speak english i guess…no comment has been answered till now…

  2. I don’t know how to install it.

  3. Yes


  5. A very good mod, I love it, but the aiming point is a bit out of the middle of the circle, need a fix plz

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