Sales of E 25 in WoT Blitz started!

Hi everyone,
We are pleased to inform you that from today you can buy all the famous Tank Destroyers E 25.


The E25 number 1 is a special modification of the famed German tank, made especially for the anniversary of World of Tanks Blitz!

The strong sides of the E25 can instill fear in the hearts of the most dedicated players. It is The Roy Jones Junior of World of Tanks. It is a champion in several weight categories.

The maximum speed is 65 km/h, the chassis turn speed is 44 degrees per second and the power to weighr ratio is 26 horse power per ton! The mobility of this vehicle has earned it the nickname “Flea”.

Forget you’re a TD! No one can run circles round you! Players hoping to employ this strategy against you, should prepare to have their bubble burst.

That is if they can find you… The low silhouette of the E 25 lets you shoot from the bushes throughout the entire battle. Or forget the bushes! This German is so small it can hide behind a small mound. Then spot the enemy…And start shooting!

The E 25 has one of the most accurate guns in the game! And the rate of fire…is pretty great. If you want to you can keep the enemy’s track off forever! Or until you get bored of it….

The most important thing when driving an E 25 is trying to avoid motion sickness from the high speeds. This vehicle tempts you to take the highway to hell, but please don’t.

Get to a key position, fire upon all the enemies you spot, change positions a few times during battle, and dispose of the remaining enemies for the finale – this is the E 25. It is awesome!


More screenshots:

e25-06 e25-05 e25-04 e25-03 e25-02 e25-01


Currently represented by two sets, which include E 25: Basic and Premium.

The basic set includes:


E25 and the slot. 3 days of premium account and 500 gold.
The cost of the set is $ 24.99





The Premium set includes:


E25 and the slot. 30 days of premium account and 2100 gold.
The cost of the set is $ 24.99

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