Scope aim2

One more variant of sight from author alpine7. Previously, we offered aim sight. The author decided to improve its modification and developed aim2. AllGPU. The sight is compatible with the current version of the game. Making backups folder Gfx, Gfx2 just in case.



aim2 (620,78 KB)


  1. Hi
    Pls pls pls
    I need one mod or this mod for steam.
    Not worked on win8.1
    Pls fix for steam game.
    Thanks a lot.

    • i have testet on steam/windows 7
      run perfektly
      1. make backup from orginal gfx and gfx2 folder
      2. use the intigrate funktion
      3. replace TXT files an other

  2. Yeah how do I install it to the game so I don’t screw the game up and have to reinstall it

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