Set of hangars from different parts of the map

We have already demonstrated mod in which was gathered 6 options hangars. Today we offer to get acquainted with the second part of this mod by the same author Koks77740. All maps have been created from a certain part of the map, so each hangar is unique and unsurpassed. All hangars v.MALI.
Hangar in map Training Base


B3zSCGNr5F8 D3sluKko4cs

Hangar in Map Channel

74ELZHsxqWw 0wPMMrWP8dk

Hangar at the Mirage map

-WtS-_3KBeQ 5nOiS4vecvI

Hangar map Career

sWrdGQ5D4Do a9hnovoQGkY

Hangar on the map of East Haven

7vZI4x7weKI JUQnlY-_Zz8 vm968oA58nU


Hangar in map Training Base  (26 MB)

Hangar in Map Channel   (30 MB)

Hangar at the Mirage map  (25 MB)

Hangar map Career  (24 MB)

Hangar on the map of East Haven  (30 MB)


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