Sight aim3

On our site you can find the sight aim and aim2 sight. But today we want to offer a continuation of the sight assembly aim3. Author aim3 developed with the help of several other sights. The structure aim3 includes only the most necessary and useful elements for sight. By the way author has left the possibility of adding a range finder in sight. AllGPU. The mod will only work properly on the screen resolution FullHD (2560×1600), HD (1366h850)


image-188 image-176

aim3 (1 MB)


  1. Is awesone she need just dmg indicator pls add!!!

  2. Pls add dmg indicator anyway is good mod for td

  3. Pls add dmg indicator anyway is good mod for td

  4. how to mod it on windown 10

  5. Please update it 🙂 thanks

  6. Comment l’installer

  7. El puntito azul no esta en el medio y eso molesta un poco pero esta genial

  8. Love it

  9. 발포후 조준원이 사라집니다 수정 바랍니다

  10. i believe mine is glitched when the gun is reloading the aiming circles texture is all bugged until im loaded then it goes back to green.

  11. Does it work on PC Windows 7?

  12. Plz add auto drive button

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