Sight & damageindicator by quatr1k


Game Version: 2.2
Supported video processors: All GPU
Download a sightwith damage indicator: (All)QS_ (78,9 KB)
Download only damage indicator: _quatr1k_damageindicator (48.38 KB)

The mod include:
– Changing the scope (SightCursor.txt, SightCursorSniper.txt, GunAim.txt, GunAimServer.txt and GunSpread.txt);
– Changing the damage indicator of the PC version (DamageInd.txt);
– Colored markers the tiers of tanks (Levels.txt);

– Copy the folder “GPC” and “Gfx2” in a place where the cache is / files / Data /


  1. Hi quatr1k, I’m really enjoying your mods and a big fan of them! Can we talk? I have a couple of questions to you! 🙂

  2. On powervr not work

  3. And zip is bad, cant export all files , i download him 3 times

  4. can use it for iOS ?

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