Sight Gray for World of Tanks Blitz

On the Internet we found a sight that will welcome a lot of players. The sight has an advantage:
– Bold lines
– Bright and noticeable color for all types of map
– The sight is suitable for all resolutions.

Install the mod and get great results in the game.



Folders “Gfx” and “Gfx2” in the way /sdcard/Android/data/net.wargaming.wot.blitz/files/


scope_gray (800 KB)


  1. How to install it make a turtorial

  2. cant extract gfx and gfx2 that easily. seems on v3.oo sights n stuff dont work on my lenovo s831 anymore…before all mods worked pls admin write a tut. thats easy to regards

  3. Very nice!

  4. Updated from before? Or reposted as it before?

  5. pls… ill do the tutorials… pls just give out info wether this sights. mod works for 3.5v of blitz or not yet… shouldnt be too hard?

  6. ADMIN PLEAS JUST TELL US ONCE IF THIS SIGHT NEEDS TO BE UPDATED AT ALL… but no answer as usual i bet my left testiklo. Grey sight.

  7. and… btw… did any of u recognize its V.3.6.1….not360…

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