Sight “Slash”

Good sight is very important in the battle. Today we want to present your attention an interesting option. Sight “Slash”.
The author of the sight adhered to a minimalist, so in design sight simple and not overloaded. The main feature of the sight is that when you move to the target it changes its color. So when to shot the enemy tank you will see it visually. Plus, added, “arrows”


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Sight “Slash” (700 KB)


  1. I don’t find it very amusing to use hotzones on a game ;-;

  2. Dont working

  3. thx for NO INSTALL PATH.. AS USUAL… moron

    • works very good for me maybe u did mistake and it doesn’t work u

  4. crap no hitzone mod is a banworthy thing. on eu servers

  5. Dosnt work

  6. Downloaded and not even working

  7. people, do you even understand how to install mod? it works perfectly no issue at all.

  8. It works just fine, people learn to copy paste a simple file and it wont get you banned.

  9. Ok guys can you write how to install? Because i replace gfx, gfx2 and still dont work

    • in the first make Backup from orginal Folder “gfx” and “gfx2”.
      than not replace you must intigrate.
      best use for android is the “ES filebrowser”

      i have testet it on steam/Windows 7 its run perfektly without hitzones. hitzones is another mod.
      what i missing is the curser

  10. It worked perfectly fine!

  11. Can someone please tell me how to install it on an Android device?

  12. works just fine, and u cant get banned if u use hitzones, because they cant catch u, only if u say them

    • True, i’ve used it till now and nothing happens

  13. i cant see any splash zone

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