Sight Square_blue + lamp sixth sense of xR11


Meet the new turquoise sight Square_blue from xR11. This sight is best seen on any surface because of its pleasant color, and it does not clutter minimalism battle interface.



In addition, the author changed recharge indicators pointing at the enemy. Well, all this will be replaced by light sixth sense, now that he will fire you will see the word “Run”


Download and unzip the file.
Folders “Gfx and Gfx2” copy and paste on this path: cache / files / data


(All)SquareBlue (10 Kb)


  1. How did u got those hitzone mod? Can u give me the link?

    • They are from Russian site.
      You can access to it if you scroll the bottom and you will see the Russian site.

  2. Proszę

  3. Dodaj mód

  4. Please Reupload this mod , i need this sight so much ! 🙂

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