Sight “White circle by Johnny19041988″

Tankmen! Today we want to offer you a new sight from the well-known author Johnny19041988. A sight is called a white circle. The works of this author differ in their functionality and convenience. And the last work is no exception.
This mod is a sight with a white circle, which is clearly visible and noticeable on all types of maps, whether it be the sky or green grass (well, except the snow perhaps). The sight is fully adapted to the current version.


04-min (1) 04-min

Archive copy to the Android folder / data /net.wargaming.wot.blitz / files / Data


Sight “White circle (100 KB)


  1. So this mod kinda works for the Steam version, except the upside-down aiming V remains. Any way to also change that to the white cross shown in the pics here?

  2. So on regular WOT, the right curve on the scope is for HP. Is this the same in this mod?

  3. Pls

  4. how can i make it work on steam?

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