Skin for Dracula

The original, thematic and unusual – this is the description skin from authorJohnny19041988. The author has tried to make mod stylish. Beautiful color, incomprehensible engraving, stylish lines, and of course fangs. Fangs is the first thing that catches the eye because of this option did not exist.

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move the files from the archive in the Android / data /net.wargaming.wot.blitz / files / Data / 3d / tanks / other / images and to agree to replace the files and merge folders.

Skin for Dracula (300 KB)


  1. Can this coexist with fire mod?

  2. Can I have the garage mod in the screenshots?

  3. Can we have this camo for other tank pls ? its so beautifull, but i got helsing, not dracula :'(

  4. can you make skins for all the tier 10’s like how you did is7, fv215b, muas, and drac. but just badass skins for every tank?

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