Skins for Kuro Mori Mine World of Tanks Blitz

We introduce a set of skins for tank Kuro Mori Mine. If you installe mod  you can enjoy interesting, bright and anime skins. There will be 18 skins: 16 for Kuro and 2 for Mori + one special skin for premium tank Kuro Mori Mine. Author of mod is player Know-all.

Image 14

Image 13 Image 12 7944795 7944792

the way Android / data / net.wargaming.wot.blitz / files /
Data / 3d / Tanks / Japan / images

Anime+Kuro (7 MB)

Mali+Kuro (7 MB)

Adreno+Kuro (9 MB)

Kuro_Mori_Mine_TeamBlitz (2 MB)


  1. Hey please ADD mod Anime skin in tier 4-10 thank you

  2. I have a black rectangle on the front, pls remove it

  3. The Anime Skin doesn’t work can you fix it?

  4. how do i install on ios system?

  5. how do I know which skin is which?

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