Skins hit zones for new Lt. USSR

One of the most popular and useful mods for World of Tanks Blitz is Korean Random hit zone mod. Today we present a similar mod but with a narrower specificity.
Since the Korean Random has not been updated for a long period of its relevance a little lost. Since tanks performance characteristics regularly balanced and added new tanks. Therefore, the author Johnny19041988 decided to change the situation.
The author has developed a skin hit zone for new Lt. USSR. On skins clearly shows all vulnerabilities and weaknesses of tanks. Plus, do not lose the aesthetic image of the tank.


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The files from the archive to move along the way: androi / data / net.wargaming / files / data / 3d / tanks / desired nation / images

Skins hit zones (2 MB)


  1. Thank you for your hard work really is so far people really want but would like to express my thanks for all weaknesses of a car and skin. 59 and 263 of ussr type line line, 15, grille german ru, such as compared with 251 line were not implemented. People want these include wanjeonbon.

  2. i think what the gentlemen wants to say is zhat he is satisfied so far, but due to it not being updated, the man misses certain tank models. if it could be done on pc withou programming knowledge by gui and editor tools id add the missing tanks myself.

  3. File dosnt exist…..

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