Skins of tanks “Legendary camouflage” for World of Tanks Blitz 2.10

Friends! Here is the special skins of tanks from category “Legendary camouflage.” Legendary camouflage – a special color scheme that fits the specific model of equipment. This camouflage can be installed in any slot for winter, summer and desert maps.
Camouflage is suitable for the following tanks:
– E25
– Kv1s “furious bear”
– PZIV Smalturm
– Vk3601 Victory
– IS 6 fearless
– Cromwell Berlin
– Cromwell Lion
The aythor of modifying is johnny19041988


Btxut1ZlTQs DIFuVzlJ1w0 o-KSItauQ6w rEukwcp-_0E 0HbnL6ebqtA bQM4whon3ak


Skins .pvr and tex format copied to android / data / net.wargaming … / files / data / 3d / tanks / desired nation / images


Cromwell_lion (1 MB)

All skins (5 MB)


  1. IS-6 camo isnt even in the folder

  2. Awesome! Keep up this good skinwork 😉

  3. Hello. This is good, but i need camo IS-2 Berlin. Thx 🙂

  4. Ok how do you get the camo to work on the tanks. lol.

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