SU-152 in HD

Previously, we have already offer such modifications: IS-3 and IS-6. Today we offer SU-152 in HD. Author Ky4ik offer mod options to choose from:
– With shadows
– Without shadows
Be warned that the shadows are tlower FPS, so do not use them on slower computers. Also camouflage on these mod is not displayed.
And of course do not forget to make backups SU-152.sc2 file in case to return the original.



Installation: the contents of the archive copy to the place where it is stored cache / files /, accept the replacement.
SU-152 (without shadows)
SU-152 (with shades)


  1. ISU 152 Ferdinand Stug III Plz

  2. Maus and E-100 plz

  3. T57 Heavy plz

  4. Why cant I download all of your HD texture ?
    Please fix it cause I really want to experience the HD texture
    Thank you 🙂

  5. And also please allow us to download HD texture in all the incoming udates
    Thank you again 🙂

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