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wot blitz 3

Meanwhile exact system requirements of World of Tanks Blitz aren’t known, but some managed to be learned.

  1. The game is being developed under two operating systems: Android and IOS.
  2. It is possible to establish game, both on plane-tablets, and on phones.
  3. For a comfortable game requires to a mobile device with a screen size of 7 or 5 inches. It is possible to use both 4, and 3-inch devices, but you will feel some discomfort. Now this problem is solved.
  4. The approximate weight of game — 1 Gb.
  5. For comfortable game there will be enough 3G Internet connections

More details will be known of system requirements of World of Tanks Blitz a little later. Stay tuned for updates.


  1. Thank you a lot. I wanted an answer to howmuch space world of tanks Blitz took up, and this was right on!

  2. Probably a stupid question I am about to ask. Will WoTB ever be available to play on a lap computer or PC?

    • There is already a PC WoT game which is Blitz is based off.

  3. I had to spend 3.5gb of data to download this game which is by far highest ever on Android! I mean what the f??!!!
    By the game size the graphics is nothing to brag about to be honest

    • Use wifi ?

  4. Also after extraction the game space is 4.55GB on system. Holy gawd

  5. El juego por tener burnas graficas requiere que el dispositivo tenga una gpu buena acompañado de un procesador rapido, yo creo que con uno de 1.0Ghz y una gpu adreno 225 o superior va bien, obviamente con graficos bajos.
    Yo lo juego en una tablet Samsung A y en un Moto G 1era Gen con graficos medios, sombras y texturas en HD y me va mas de los 35 Fps.
    Un saludo.

  6. Mel jsem bugy ale fps jsem mel kolem 30-60 . Ve hre do chazelo k snizeni fps malo kdy na 10-15 fps ale jen parkrat.

  7. Hi did you can help me : why after upgrade to ver.2,4 i cant play . Samsung galaxy trend plus. Game is not starting. Ver 2,3 i played normal.

    • The same thing happened to me,as I tried to download 2.4 it always froze right before it downloaded.i have an iPad 2 and before the update it was fine

      • Same thing with me … I have a galaxy S3 mini GT-I8200 … The game was great before the update … With a fast connection I was able to play smoothly with medium graphic … now I can’t even open the game … just freezes on black screen then it’s closed … my device is in the compatible devices list that wargaming made … I love this game sooooooooo much and I can’t report my problem to wargaming … any one can help?

        • best bet dude run wot blitz on windows ten its a whole lot better experience then on a phone

  8. I want to have the sound of the engine

  9. After download the 3.5 gb download you can put on a Micro sd card. Your android will except that. Hope that helps

  10. actually there is multiple ways to play wot Blitz, u have android an ios, but now it was introduced to steam an then now on windows 10 pc which u can download thru win10 store!!! consider this as an update to ur system requirements, it doesnt run much ram at all im using 4 gig ram total for my dell dimension e521 ( yea dinosaur ) lol an graphics are all on high with only 66% of ram being run ill post screen shots soon, thats if i can ?

  11. Je

  12. And now Android 4.2+

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