T-34-85, Chi-Ri and RU 251 in HD

We have already represented models of tanks in HD quality. Tanks in HD are better and all small elements traced better – general looks natural, so a large number of tankers have time to fall in love in this mod and data permanently install them.
The only one and very significant negative of these mods – the inability to establish any camouflage on top HD quality mod.
Good luck on the battlefield!


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The content of the desired file to copy to the place where it is stored cache / files /, accept the replacement.
RU_251 (100 KB)
Chi-Ri (300 KB)

T_34_85 (200 KB)


  1. Admin can u tell how to use it please

  2. make the is7 hd if you can

  3. wow, awesome work. best stuff ive seen so far for blitz. looks like pc hd quality

  4. Does it work for mac?

  5. fv202 hd?

  6. Does it work for power Vr gpu?

  7. yes plese is 7 in hd

  8. KV-1S in HD please

  9. Kv1s in HD please

  10. where I put this?

  11. is bugging, the T34-85 parts is separeded

  12. каого мой тан и за этого гусля внизу корпус петор воздуха и тока корпус башня черз метор и пушка пряма черз метор

  13. Hello War Thunder tankers! Our tournament system has changed a lot and the number of tournaments has grown – we suggest discussing the tanks that will be available in the tournaments in the near future.

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