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Comrades As you know in WoT Blitz is not yet possible to adjust / change the graphics from the game menu. For such cases we have already published information where you can download, as the […]

Commanders! Today a great event! Today came out the update WoT Blitz 2.2, which means that anyone can download or update the game to the latest version and get all the surprises prepared by developers […]

Hello Warriors,, Today, it was announced a new update, which we learned about Reworked map “El Alamein” in WoT Blitz 2.2. Just below you can see a comparison of how the map looks in the […]

Coming soon: Update 2.2

Hello everyone, A key theme of the next version of the game will be a mysterious Halloween. At this time, the attributes of dark holiday we decorate not only the icon of the application and […]

Hello everyone, As you know very soon will come the Japanese branch of tanks. By passing a the main Tech tree of the game will be added two premium tanks: Ke-Ni Otsu – Light Tank, […]

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