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Camouflage for the real talents

Commanders! If you see in one of your allies rare camouflage – you can proud him, but if in your opponent – then be careful. The rare camouflage decided to please special tankers WG. Starting from […]

New Year’s camouflage

Friends! Winter came, and it is a time New Year’s holidays. Right now, all our dear tankers are actively preparing for the holidays. We are not rested and prepared for you a mod, the festive mod, […]

New camouflage

One more version of camouflage. Make your war machines unique and original. Special battle color makes tanks more interesting. The mod minus is that only you can enjoy the camouflage your tank, for the all rest in battle […]

Camouflage for Maus

Introducing an interesting and unique camouflage for Maus. With it your tank will be transformed and will be very stylish. As you can imagine this camouflage will be visible only to you in battle. Author […]

Camouflage for TIGR-I and TigerII

Commanders! We offer two tank camouflage: TIGR-I and TigerII. The author made a design theme to the title of combat vehicles. TIGR-I – beautiful signed and TigerII – painted. Installation: Copy the contents of the […]

Skins in “Crusaders” style.

For those who do not know we have previously offer Hangar and modifications inquisition fires in “Crusaders” style. Today, we want to offer tanks skins in this style. Skins for 3 tanks: IS7, Leopard1, Ob140. The main feature […]

Camouflage TRON

We continue our theme. Previously, we have already offer the scope, a hangar, a joystick, loading screens, all in the same style Throne. Today, we want to offer camouflage simultaneously for 3 tanks: Grill 15, E100 […]

Camouflage “Pioneer”

We offer a camouflage from modder Johnny19041988. Author developed mod for himself but decided to share with everyone. Bright, colorful camouflage, which enters into nostalgia. By passing the pioneering symbols you will find well-known attributes […]

Mod replace of camouflage

Friends! Today, on the spaces of the Internet we found a modification that will appeal to many players. Installing the mod yourself, you can replace the standard camouflage version of the unusual and highly unpredictable. […]

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