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Good sight simply indispensable thing in battle. Today we offer a sight which will help you to inflict maximum damage and getting great results from the battle. In addition to the sight there is a […]

We offer a set of modifications for World of Tanks Blitz. The new joystick and lamp 6th sences in the style of game Skyrim. Fans of Skyrim and World of Tanks clearly approve mod. Unusual […]

We offer a new joystick under name “Moment”. On the screen joystick looks bright, easily and accurately. Mod is suitable for screens of all resolutions. Author of mod is player Vlad Chatillion.

Joystick “Transmission”

Beautiful and style joystick from author Vlad Chatillion. The joystick is made like a car with lever arm transmission. Especially for real racers in the world of tanks. Mod is suitable for screens with a resolution  1280×720 […]

The author of mod is Vlad Chatillion from Teamblitz. An interesting effect joystick with glowing lava inside and a transparent net around the lava. Modification downside is that it is incompatible with 1920×1080 screen resolution.

[2.4] Mod joypad: 3 versions

Commanders! Today, you can select and download a worthy replacement for the standard joystick. This modification is tested for compatibility and performance with all GPU, so it can be installed on any device. Author: s.koldun […]

Dear friends! Our site is updated every day with new and new modifications. At this time your attention provides new mod: Transparent standard joystick from WoT Blitz 1.0. The basis of this modification was taken […]

Friends! Meet the already long forgotten, but very desirable joystick taken from version WoT Blitz 1.0. If you download and install this mod, you can return Old School Joy in the current update, at the […]

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