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Hangar on the map Grossberg

Another creation from Johnny19041988 is a hangar on the Grossberg map. An interesting option for a hangar. Central square, beautiful architecture around and your tank in the middle. What else do you need for a […]

Color Maps Mod by quatr1k

Friends! On our site already has mod color minimap. But the player quatr1k modified it and now this mod has become better and more colorful. In general look and decide for yourself. So minimap look […]

Hangar on a map Eastern Harbor

If you look at the screenshots then you can easily find familiar place, but rather a map of East Harbor. One of its areas author Johnny19041988 decided to turn to the hangar. The open space, […]

[2.3] Canal Map Preview

Hello everyone, Today, we learned the first details of the new map. And now, a few hours later appeared video map review. Enjoy!

Hi warriors, As we reported in the new update WoT Blitz 2.3, will be a new map “Rainy channel.” And just to let you know that this is the first card in World of Tanks […]

Update 2.2: Halloween map

Hello everyone, Meet the night, atmospheric map in the Halloween style. Map looks very nice and with a touch of mystique. In the air, hovering candles, and in almost every corner of the map traces […]

Hello Warriors,, Today, it was announced a new update, which we learned about Reworked map “El Alamein” in WoT Blitz 2.2. Just below you can see a comparison of how the map looks in the […]

Hello everyone! Meet a new, summer map “Port” in the center of which was placed a small village. This map will be introduced in the update 1.10, which will be released next week.

Friends! Very soon will be a new update WoT Blitz 1.10. The main feature of this patch will be entering a new map “Port”. And we already have video review of this map. Enjoy!

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