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Hangar N7 from Koks77740

The new hangar to update 2.11. Today we are glad to introduce you hangar N7 from our regular modder Koks77740. The specificity of the hangar is its background color and style. Metal parts with marble […]

As we reported earlier, these mods do not have practical use for players in battle. They have an aesthetic effect and can vary the interface to the game. We recently presented a beautiful version of download screen. Today […]

The fire in the hangar

Dear tankers! I would like to introduce you a modification of the smoke in the hangar, now instead smoke will be fire. This mod is not useful in game it just modifies the appearance of the hangar. […]

Modified .APK WoT Blitz

Tankers! Meet the first modified .APK for WoT Blitz. Author of this .apk – CODEONETEAM, he did it for himself, so that no changes will not, do not even ask.

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