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Tankers! Almost every day our website updated with various modifications. Today we present to you the whole package of mods, which is called Winner ModPack. Collected all mods into one already known player paxan.sogan.

Commanders! Meet the new modpak from player HiroX’a, which brought together all of the most informative and workable modifications for WoT Blitz 2.2. More screenshots:

[2.1] Modpack GiTlEr KaPuT ver 2.0

Commanders! Meet another ModPack, which appeared recently. Author ModPaka paxan.sogan united in this collection all possible, workable mods. ModList: 1) Replace the standard joystick from the joystick wot blitz 1.0 2) Panel on damage RGY […]

Hi guys, I released his personal version of the collection of mods for WoT Blitz It included 4 popular and important mods 1. The mod removes the arrow direction 2. Improved minimap 3. The new panel […]

Tankers! Meet the first ModPak for World of Tanks Blitz by RRIZZI. It includes a number of modifications that you can download from our website: new minimap, comfortable sight indicator deer claws on the boot […]

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