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Commanders! If you are tired of the standard icon, then on our site, you can download and install more bright and colorful icons of tanks in battle. These icons were created player Ky4ik. Upd: 30.07.2020 […]

Color Maps Mod by quatr1k

Friends! On our site already has mod color minimap. But the player quatr1k modified it and now this mod has become better and more colorful. In general look and decide for yourself. So minimap look […]

Skins in “Crusaders” style.

For those who do not know we have previously offer Hangar and modifications inquisition fires in “Crusaders” style. Today, we want to offer tanks skins in this style. Skins for 3 tanks: IS7, Leopard1, Ob140. The main feature […]

One of the most popular and useful mods for World of Tanks Blitz is Korean Random hit zone mod. Today we present a similar mod but with a narrower specificity. Since the Korean Random has not been updated for […]

Sight in Tron style

Just recently we offer a whole set of mods in the style of science fiction film Tron. You can find a hangar, a joystick, camouflage, loading screens in this theme. There is only one important element […]

Set of mods in a Tron style

Known by many players modmaker Johnny19041988 decided to stop develop his mods for some time. And in the end author decided to please his fans a whole set of mods. The author proposes a hangar, a joystick, […]

Another mod from author quatr1k. This time it is a joystick. The joystick has a title Masters World of Tanks Blitz, and looks like a large letter “M” with the trophy, winner laurel wreath. If you […]

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