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New “Echelon” in patch 3.5

Commanders! To modernize and improve map ‘Echelon’, developers have offered everyone to express their opinions and suggestions in the training room. The most active players received prizes for their interesting and useful tips. So in […]

The new map in patch 3.1

In update 3.1 players expect new and special map which called “Eastern Harbor.” The feature of map is that you will meet Japanese moored battleship in the port. Not to notice it is not realistic, it takes almost half […]

New map in update 2.11

In new update 2.11 we will have new map which called “Vineyard”. The feature of map is evening time of day. Unlike other maps, “Vineyard” is markedly different to its darkness, but still there are an elaborate lighting. […]

[2.3] Canal Map Preview

Hello everyone, Today, we learned the first details of the new map. And now, a few hours later appeared video map review. Enjoy!

Update 2.2: Halloween map

Hello everyone, Meet the night, atmospheric map in the Halloween style. Map looks very nice and with a touch of mystique. In the air, hovering candles, and in almost every corner of the map traces […]

Hello everyone! Meet a new, summer map “Port” in the center of which was placed a small village. This map will be introduced in the update 1.10, which will be released next week.

Friends! Very soon will be a new update WoT Blitz 1.10. The main feature of this patch will be entering a new map “Port”. And we already have video review of this map. Enjoy!

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