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Introducing new, interesting sights from gamer ran4erep. The sight is easy, light and easy to use. This sight will grow your game effectiveness significantly. Install and see it yourself.

Sight by __osminigys136_

Commanders! We hasten to please you one more sight which liked many players recharge their animation. This sight operation verification ending + is compatible with all GPU. Author: __osminigys136_

Sight TheFrizRage v.2.0

Tankers! On our site is already represented one version FrizRage sight. Today, you can download an updated version of TheFrizRage v.2.0, which is more minimalist and tidy compared to the previous. The sight is compatible with […]

J1mbo crosshair by D_mich98

Dear friends! Presenting your attention the most popular sights of the World Tanks – J1mbo. In WoT Blitz, this sight has adapted a player with the nickname D_mich98 for which he thanks a lot. The […]

Tankers! Present to you another variation of the sight for WoT Blitz 2.3. Author has changed the standard scope by adding black crosshairs, which can be clearly seen on almost all surfaces.

Black sight by dima47970

Commanders! Recently on our site I added a new sight as that Jove, who developed the player dima47970.

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