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Sight as Jove by dima47970

Friends! Without exaggeration tanker “Jove” know millions tankers around the world, especially in Russia. If you are not watching a video or playing with his mods anyway, someone told you about it. Oh, he is […]

Friends! Meet the new turquoise sight Square_blue from xR11. This sight is best seen on any surface because of its pleasant color, and it does not clutter minimalism battle interface.

Friends! As you can see category sights on our website rapidly replenished and it is not surprising because the game WoT Blitz just gaining momentum at a frantic pace. 

Commanders! Meet the new sight, which was taken from the famous ModPaka FRIZ_RAGE. Initially this interface sight developed player with EU server JIMBO, then the team blitzmods ported it to mobile tanks.

The best sight for WoT Blitz

Commanders! Finally developed a neat, pretty sight for WoT Blitz (Android). The sight is developed by player Veexie (ang12123), for which he thanks a lot, because this sight is really worth attention. How to install: 

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