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Team camouflage

Friends! Now you can set yourself team camouflages any of 10 teams: Navi, HR, BrainStorm, Rox, Nss, Arcade, Pries, KungFU, Weplay, Lol. All camouflages are different in patterns and colors, everyone looks beautiful and unique.

Camouflage for Maus

Introducing an interesting and unique camouflage for Maus. With it your tank will be transformed and will be very stylish. As you can imagine this camouflage will be visible only to you in battle. Author […]

Camouflage for TIGR-I and TigerII

Commanders! We offer two tank camouflage: TIGR-I and TigerII. The author made a design theme to the title of combat vehicles. TIGR-I – beautiful signed and TigerII – painted. Installation: Copy the contents of the […]

In addition to the hangar Fallout we offer a set of skins in this category. This skins called glamorous and stylish is very difficult. But they are perfectly suited to the hangar. The author tried […]

Skins from the Pacific

Commanders! We offer you the whole assembly of the skins of different nationalities and levels. If you installing the mod you can choose skin exactly you are interested in. Unique and themed skins from the […]

Skin for Dracula

The original, thematic and unusual – this is the description skin from authorJohnny19041988. The author has tried to make mod stylish. Beautiful color, incomprehensible engraving, stylish lines, and of course fangs. Fangs is the first thing that […]

“Rusty Warriors” skins

Author’s work from johnny19041988. Skins in Rusty Warriors style. The author made them himself and painted each picture. Hangar a similar style is ideal for this skins. Mod for the current version 3.2.2. In total you can […]

The skin on IS6 Helsing

Especially for release new hangar Halloween we offer a skin for IS6 Helsing. Especially in this garage skin looks highly addictive and harmoniously. Because of vintage style skin looks so mysterious and intriguing. Minimality and sophistication – is a description […]

Skins in “Crusaders” style.

For those who do not know we have previously offer Hangar and modifications inquisition fires in “Crusaders” style. Today, we want to offer tanks skins in this style. Skins for 3 tanks: IS7, Leopard1, Ob140. The main feature […]

Today we are pleased to offer you a hangar in the new style. The hangar has the name “Crusaders”. Even the name, you can determine what style will the hangar. If you install yourself this […]

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